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What it does: An educational institution that offers mentorship, coding courses, and job placement for aspiring IT professionals.

Best known for: CoderSchool offers coding lessons through an Income Share Agreement (ISA). The school covers the costs of its students' education until they find a job. Once hired, students must pay CoderSchool 35% of their total income for 24 months. Several global giants hire from CoderSchool including Zalora, Google, Facebook, and Grab.

The CoderSchool story

In 2015, Charles Lee, a San Francisco-taught tech expert, moved to Vietnam from Silicon Valley to set up a school for would-be developers. With headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, CoderSchool offers both beginners and experienced students hands-on project-based courses while focusing on dedicated startup designers and engineers. 

The school offers four courses for engineers: Ruby, IOS (Swift), Node.js, and Android. This involves learning how to build web applications via Ruby on Rails, how to architect and implement iOS applications, design android applications, and use Node.js frameworks. CoderSchool uses a modern curriculum inspired by Silicon Valley and a focus on building real-world applications. With a goal to get students hired and ready for the real world, the school considers its student placement rate as its most important metric.

CoderSchool equips engineers, product developers and coders with updated technologies to build a career while guaranteeing job placement within 6 months after graduating. The school's global community consists of coders, founders, investors, and alumni bound together with a common interest in making an impact through technology. 

As of 2019, CoderSchool has over 800 alumni and around 40 completed courses, while planning to launch a full-time, 12-week Machine Learning and AI course. 

The recruitment process

The recruitment process varies from role to role, but graduates may expect an interview or a series of interviews with HR representatives. Aspiring teachers may be asked to prepare a 5-10 minutes screencast of themselves live coding a technical concept while content writers will be requested to draft sample content. 

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