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What it does: A multinational information technology company that offers IT solutions, telecom and training services to technology, telecommunications, and educational sectors. 

Best known for: FPT is Vietnam’s leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company with a client list of more than 600 large corporations of which 100 are Fortune 500 companies (eg Hitachi Deutsche Bank, Panasonic, Toshiba, Nissen, Uniliver). The company ranks in various international lists including the Top 300 Asian Enterprises by leading financial newspaper Nikkei, the Top 100 Global Service Providers by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, and Asia's Top 130 Best Companies to Work For by HR Asia Magazine, a publication for senior HR professionals. 

Staff stats: 28,000 

The good bits: A chance to work with leading technology, talented individuals, and clients from various fields. Insiders praise its wealth of opportunities for growth, extensive training, and flexible working hours (for some roles). 

The not-so-good bits: A below-industry-average salary. Insiders criticise the organisation for being too hierarchical, with a management that is 'disconnected' from its employees. Long hours may also be an issue. 

The FPT Group story

In 1988, FPT group began as a food processing technology company founded by Truong Gia Binh, who studied computers and mathematics and earned a doctorate at Moscow State University. The company initially operated in the fields of drying, information, and automation technology. 

FTP became one of the four leading internet service providers in Vietnam in 1998 (as of 2017, it is the third-largest telecom and internet service provider in the country with more than 9000 subscribers). The company's core business focuses on three main sectors: telecommunications, information technology, and education. It assists a variety of foreign clients in software development, with half of its orders coming from Japan.

With hopes of expanding the number of talented engineers, FTP established the FPT University in 2006, becoming the first licensed cooperate university with undergraduate programs in software engineering, business administration, finance/banking, graphic design, mathematics, architecture, information assurance, Japanese, and English. Over 17,000 students are enrolled in the university, half of whom are majoring in IT.

By 2018, the company has operations in over 45 countries and regions including the United States, Korea, Japan, China, Germany, Britain, Netherlands, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Slovakia, France, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia, among others, with numerous acquisitions including RWE IT Slovakia, a leading European energy corporation, and Intellinet Consulting, one of the fastest-growing consulting companies in the US. 

The recruitment process

The recruitment process varies from role to role, but graduates may expect to begin with a timed multiple-choice written or online test that may include IQ tests, English, and customised technical tests. 

Exam passers will be invited to attend a series of interviews where several factors are considered: credentials and work history, ability to work in groups and individually, problem-solving skills, and ability to organise and plan work. Depending on the graduate's position, there may be more than one interview. Selected graduates will be notified of their application status no later than 10 days.  


FPT offers a below industry-average basic pay. Fringe benefits may include health insurance, paid sick and vacation leaves, and performance incentives, among others. 

The culture

FPT promotes fun and creative culture through several celebrations that are held annually. Among these are the FPT Community Day, Parents' Day, Origins Day, Sports and Arts Festival, the Trang Contest, and the FPT Village Festival

Social contributions

FPT's corporate social responsibility initiatives focus on improving technology for communities, supporting young talents, guarding the environment, and easing the lives of the disadvantaged. 

The FPT Young Talent Center offers educational programs to select youth, while the Nguyen Van Dao scholarship awards partial or free schooling to candidates with good academic records or special achievements in sports, culture, and the arts. The Violympic Math Solving Competition is an international competition that challenges students with IT skills to solve mathematical problems while getting them accustomed to the internet.

To protect the environment, FPT implements energy-saving solutions in its establishments while joining wildlife preservation activities. 

The company, through its FPT Community Day, is the first private enterprise in Vietnam to require all its employees to spend a day for a practical activity that benefits the community. Each FPT employee is also encouraged to contribute at least one day's salary to the FPT Community Fund which supports various charitable drives and initiatives. 

The vibe of the place

As one of Vietnam’s leading technology companies, FPT offers a plethora of learning experiences and an opportunity to work with the world’s best technologies. A well-awarded track record that spans two decades and a name that often makes it to various awards lists have elevated this company to a position of prestige, however, graduates looking for great remuneration or benefits are advised to look elsewhere. 

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