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Tricor Group

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  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing

What it does: Global business expansion services including corporate trust and debt services, human resources and payroll, and support from incorporation to IPO.

Best known for: Tricor Group operates in 21 countries worldwide and caters to more than 40 per cent of Fortune Global 500 companies.

Staff stats: More than 2,600 employees.

The good bits: Tricor Group offers comprehensive benefits including company-sponsored trips, life and medical insurance, and up to 25 days of annual leave.

The not so good bits: A tough workload awaits graduates. It’s quite difficult to go on a vacation if you can’t find someone to cover for your absence.

The Tricor Group story

Tricor Group specialises in global business expansion. They started in 2000 as an integrated business, corporate and investor service provider for companies that want to expand in Asia and other continents. The company’s presence spans 47 cities in 21 countries worldwide, including 13 markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Recent graduates with MBAs are part of Tricor Group’s workforce. The group attributed their business development to the acquisition of accounting, company secretarial, share registration and related services from several international accounting firms and companies. Tricor Group has helped over 3,500 companies with initial public offering and investor services in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

The recruitment process

Most people apply online for internships and associate roles at Tricor Group. The progress of each application depends on your home country:

Hong Kong

The hiring process begins with a short phone call that lasts around 20 minutes, followed by an in-person interview with an HR representative. You should expect to answer questions in English and Mandarin. These questions may involve your knowledge about Tricor Group’s services. The company may contact you after three days for an offer. Students can also apply for an internship through their campus or university.


Tricor Group may take several weeks to process candidates for associate roles. There could be two interviews, one with a company director and general manager. Be ready to give a clear answer on why you want to join Tricor Group.

Career prospects

Associates seem to be the entry-level roles at the company, while the need for interns will vary in each department in every regional office:

Hong Kong

Accounting associates and company secretarial associates comprise are of the positions for fresh graduates. The company requires accounting associates to be fluent in Chinese and English, and fluency in Mandarin will be an advantage. Individuals with an associate degree or higher diploma can also apply for the role.

Tricor Group only hires bachelor degree graduates as company secretarial associates. They’ll be more inclined to do so if you are a student member of the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries. Fluency in English and Mandarin are necessary for the role.


Some of the entry-level roles include junior accountants. The job doesn’t require any professional experience, but your GPA should be at least 3.0 to be considered for the position. Tricor Group also looks for individuals who are fluent in English and Indonesian.


Engineering and IT degree holders will find more opportunities than graduates in other fields. Graduates of computer science, mathematics or software engineering can apply as software engineers. The job requires you to be familiar with ASP.Net, C++ or Java. Experience in ASP.Net C# (Web form) PowerBuilder will make you stand out among your peers.


You might find more vacancies for consulting roles. Tricor Group accepts fresh graduates and those with up to two years of experience for prospective accounting, advisory, and compensation and benefits consultants. You’ll be a good fit if you finished a bachelor’s degree with a major in business administration, human resources or law. 


Trico Group provides employees with 15 to 25 days of annual leave, a five-day workweek, life and medical insurance, a monthly premium for completing professional exams, and study and exam leave.

Hong Kong

Interns earn an average of HKD7,000 per month. Company secretarial associates earn HKD14,000 per month on average, while the median monthly salary of associates is HKD12,000. Full-time, entry-level employees are eligible for 15 days of annual leave. Some of them said that the company doesn’t pay the 13th-month salary.


The average salary for associates ranges from SGD2,600 to SGD2,900 per month. Tricor Group sponsors an annual company trip for employees who have stayed with them for at least two years.

The culture

Tricor Group has won several employer awards and industry accreditations:

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants’ Approved Employer Program
  • Family-Friend Employers Award in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business’s Partner Employer Award
  • Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority’s Good Employer Award

Some employees, however, believe that the company should hire more competent managers. Overtime at the office can be a problem because of a heavy workload, which stems from rather high staff turnover. Work-life balance also tends to be compromised due to the difficulty of finding someone to cover for your absence.

The competition

Tricor Group competes with Alter Domus, Arendt Services and Sanne, Capita Asset Services, Hawksford, Intertrust, Otonomos and Vistra.

The vibe of the place

Graduates who prefer a challenging work environment will likely find it more appealing to join Tricor Group. Long hours at the office, though, won’t increase the chances for promotion. The company remains a good choice for the sole reason of job security, as they have been a global business for more than 15 years.

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